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Welcome to my fan site!

Yes, it's true, I finally got around to updating the good ol' Pat Quinn site. I do think it gave the page a little class... but when I say a little, I pretty much mean it. You should notice soon enough that I added a NEW PAT QUINN FORUM so that (I hope) fans can say what they want in the open about our heroine. AND because of those bastards at, (No offense, but I was pretty pissed off) I no longer have a guestbook or a counter, so I have to start from scratch... so it may seem like no one comes to this site (which is, for the most part, true... but for the few that do come, thanks for your support!) Anyway, enjoy the new features!
- Jess
I have made this site to share with the world my love for Pat Quinn and her work! I have included a biography, (Well, I tried my best to make a biography for Pat Quinn... it's a little difficult since not a lot of information on her is out there) a filmography, and all sorts of goodies! So feel free to look around and have fun!

Like many of her other fans, I became a huge fan of Patricia Quinn after seeing her in The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Magenta, the domestic and as Nation McKinley in Shock Treatment. I just thought she was fabulous and quickly became insanely obsessed and have been ever since!
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So thanks for takin' a look at my site. Be sure to sign my guestbook or send me an e-mail with your thoughts and suggestions. I'll be TRYING to update frequently, so please check back often!

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