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Below are some links to sites featuring Patricia Quinn herself, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shock Treatment, etc.

E-mail me if there are any broken links, or to tell me what your favorite site was! Thanks! (Let me know if you have any Pat Quinn sites you want to submit to this page, too!)

Cosmo's Factory - Dedicated to The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Temple of Patricia Quinn

(Not a lot on this page yet... but I thought I'd add it anyway, just in case of any changes)

Zenin's Rocky Horror Links Page!

RHPS FAQ: Rocky Horror Picture Show Frequently Asked Questions

Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Web Site!

A Shock Treatment page


sanity for today

Magenta's Image Gallery

The Ultimate Rocky Horror Links Page

Rocky Horror Picture Show Trivia Quiz

RH Sourcebook 2000

(A great site! Helped me out A LOT with my Magenta costume!)

The Shock Treatment Network

Shock Treatment Page!!

Anal Retentive Rocky Horror--Magenta

(Another superb site that helped me out a great deal with my Magenta costume!)

The RHPS AP Script!


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