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August 5th, 2001

Hello fellow Pat Quinn fans! This is your humble page-creator, Jessie, typing up an idea to contribute to the Mailbag since I have not as yet had many visitors. Anyway, I am in production of making a Pat Quinn fan club! (With the help and ideas of Annie and Nicole.) But to make the fan club work, we need LOTS of members! And LOTS of help! So PLEASE e-mail me if you have any ideas or are interseted in becoming a member... I should have a fan club site up soon! Thanks!
Love and fish-nets,

July 23rd, 2002

It's almost been a year, but I actually decided to TRY to update the Patty Q. site. Obviously, nothing much has changed. And to get one thing straight, I think that the idea of the Pat Quinn Fan Club (being started by me, anyway) is close to being officially dead. I had a couple of people e-mail me who were into it, but a couple of people, really aren't enough. But who knows? Maybe I'll actually get creative and start it all by myself... but don't hold your breath! ;) But, if you have any real need for a PQFC and wanna help me out, e-mail me.
Viva Pat Quinn,

September 3, 2002
If you read all of "What She's Up To Now," You'll notice that I mentioned an update of what Ms.Quinn is doing according to Adam... this is the e-mail he sent me. I thought that I would post it because it was just too cool. I know he won't mind me posting this because who doesn't want a world of Pat Quinn lovers jealous of him and his girlfriend? ;)
Hi there,
   I was researching Patricia Quinn as my girlfriend was working in a shop in mid-wales UK and guess who walked in, none other than patricia quinn, as she is opening a galery here and wants my girlfriend to do a bit of modeling for her tomorow, she doesn't know what to do but I think she should go for it, if only for the chance of working for her, as we are both actors in training. Let me know what you think
Your Faithfully
Wales Uk
I wrote him back and I think you can guess what advice I gave him. So, congrats to your girlfriend, Adam!


Oh! And another thing I want to throw out there is the idea of renaming the site... I want this site to go somewhere, right? So how is it going to go anywhere as just being this fansite? And not to mention JESSIE'S fansite? It'll be dead soon with a name like that! So I want something catchy, ya know... like THE PAT QUINN SMARGASBORD!... ok, now you know why I need your help so bad. If you think of a name and send it to me, I'll be sure to put your name in there... it'll be like, THE PATTY SHANTY (A "Your Name Here" Production)... or, christ! Anything you want! Just please help me, somebody!

Thank you, all you wonderful fans!



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