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Taken from The RHPS FAQ: "Looking fabulous. Performed Magenta/Usherette again for the 21st birthday season and didn't look a day older.
Fans may be interested to know that on VH-1's 1999 Rocky Horror "Where Are They Now," she confirmed that she had been a Playboy Bunny.
She is the widow of Robert Stephens."

I hear Pat is currently doing theatre in London, and according to Adam, she has opened a gallery in the UK very recently.

Will update this page if I hear anything new!


Besides being a playboy bunny, I heard Pat was also once a stripper. I really don't know if it's true... I've tried asking many people from other RHPS sites but still haven't gotten a clear answer. What do you think? ;)
UPDATE: Thanx to Nurse A's Column on Cosmo's Factory, I have discovered that she probably WASN'T a stripper. To read the letter I submitted, click here:



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