Jessie's Patricia Quinn Page!

Welcome to the biography part of my Patricia Quinn site. I know, there is not a lot here... but I'm trying my hardest, and am frantically searching for more information on her. So just hang in there!

Pat Quinn as Magenta

At a Glance

Name: Lady Patricia Stephens
Date of Birth: May 28th, 1944
Location of Birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Astrological Sign: Gemini
First Movie Role: I Could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that is was in a movie called Up The Front in 1972 playing Magda, Mata Hari's maid.
Number of Former Spouses: 2 (Pat was first married to actor/director Don Hawkins, but then divorced... she then married the well-known actor Robert Stephens in 1995, he died later that year)
Number of Children: 1, a boy named Quinn (w/ Hawkins)

(I'm awfully sorry... but that's all I have to offer at the moment when it comes to Pat Quinn's biography!)


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